Added to Trinity in 2012, the listening suite is a secluded room with sofas and a small scale Genelec 5.1 system. The room has multiple audio inputs to allow students from select courses to listen to mixes/work on mastering surround mixes.

The key for this room is booked via Room Bookings.



Please be considerate/aware of others when using the 3.11 listening system. During working hours there are classes going on next door in 312 and staff working in the offices below you. As such can we please make sure the LFE levels are not tampered with and that the material you are listening to is at a reasonable level. You DO NOT need to blast audio out loudly to objectively listen and discern a mix.

If you are listening to bass/sub heavy materials can you please filter the low end during working hours (between 9:00am and 18:00pm) to prevent future issues with bass noise.

3.11 Rules

  1. NO food or drink is to be consumed in 3.11

  1. Please make sure to take any rubbish with you and leave the room tidy

  1. DO NOT move/remove ANY element of the system i.e. Cables, Speakers, Sound card…

  1. DO NOT change the Volume on the speakers. They have been set at a sufficient level for the space, and have been calibrated as a 5.1.

  1. ALWAYS lock the door when the room is unattended

If you see these being broken contact me on 0208 305 4471 or