This facility is aimed primarily at composition students wishing to be involved with technology. It features an iMac workstation optimised for the composer, a 5.1 Surround sound system and digital projection. The computer runs software ranging from linear recorders and sequencers such as Logic, to programmable and interactive composition tools such as Max/MSP.

Composition students can book time in this room via Room Bookings.


Using Surround (5.1) speakers with Logic and Max/MSP

It is possible to mix for either two or five speaker setups using the main workstation in G66. 


To allow yourself the possibility of using the seperate outputs, you must first ensure that the MOTU Traveller Interface is enabled in Logic. This can be done through Preferences/Audio. You need to select the MOTU in the dropdown and apply (at the bottom) to switch to the correct outputs.

A dialogue box prompting you to restart Logic may appear and if it does follow that instruction.

Now you have enabled the MOTU you will see that when you click on the Output box on each channel's individual mixer strip, located in the bottom left hand corner of the arrange window, you will have the option of using a number of different outputs. Outputs 1+2 are used for mixing in stereo for one pair of speakers, and are output via the mixing desk. Outputs 3+4 go directly to the rear two speakers. Outputs 5+6 go to the center and sub respectively.

You can also use the 5.1 controller in Logic. This is a single track that will output to the whole system. In the Logic Preferences, under the Audio/Surround tab ensure that the outputs are setup as follows: 1 - L, 2 - R, 3 - Ls, 4 - Rs, 5 - C, 6 - Sub.


In the 'Options' menu, open 'DSP Status' and ensure that the MOTU Traveller is set as the main audio interface. Outputs 1 and 2 are the front left and right speakers, and outputs 3 and 4 are the rear left and right speakers. 5 and 6 are the center and sub.

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