Music Technology has a range of specialised equipment that is only bookable for specific Modules/Faculties. This is due to the specific requirements of a course and the equipment having been purchased specifically for this purpose. As such it's vital that this equipment remains available for allocated students. Below is a list of equipment and a bit of information about each:


  • Macbook Pro Laptop - with key audio software & Focusrite Pro 40 external soundcard. Available to Composition and CMT students.
  • Canon DSLR Camera Kit - with multiple lenses. This is suitable to recording short HD videos (max 15 mins) and for taking high quality stills. Obviously this is highly specialised equipment and requires specialist knowledge and training to use. So access to it is limited to students/staff who have been trained in it's use. Availability is also limited due to it's extensive use for documenting events and use in the recording studio.
  • Korg nanoKontrollers - A mixed assortment of hardware controllers for use with Logic/Ableton
  • Korg Monotrons - 3 varieties of miniature analog synths with mini jack output. Amazing sounds from such small box.
  • Hot Hand - A wireless controller with accelerometer for collecting X/Y/Z data and interpreting into data. For use with Logic, Ableton and MaxMSP
  • Nintendo Wii Remote+ - a nintendo Wii Remote with accuracy add on + Nunchuck for use with OSCulator/MaxMSP
  • Novation Launchpad - Hardware controller for use with Ableton
  • Novation Launchcontrol XL - Hardware controller for use with Ableton and Logic
  • Behringer Pedal Board - programmable hardware pedal board
  • Edirol 101 Firewire Interface - Edirol firewire audio interface with relevant 400 - 800 or 400 - 400 connection lead and power supply.

  • Synth Station - Located in the composition suite (room 115). A vintage synthesiser station, patchbay and mixer linked to the room computer. Used to get that vintage sound for specific coursework. The power for this is controlled by a key bookable from the Music Technology Technician at advanced notice.
  • Room 311 (Listening Suite) - This room is designed as a space to go and monitor your finished mixes. It has a small sofa and 5.1 Genelec audio system. There is a MOTU Ultralite with various connectors for linking up your own computer. 

To enquire about a booking please contact the Music Technology Technician (