Room G39 at KCC has been updated to allow easier use as a performance space. It now has a quadrophonic speaker system and two projectors (front and side) fixed in the space (suspended above). The AV system in the room now consist of a 16 channel mixer (with the AV cabinet moved to the back of the room).

To keep the day-to-day flow of the room for teaching as similar as possible the external audio and VGA (laptop) input leads have been extended to the front of the room and you will find a cable attached on the left hand wall as well as a volume knob on the skirting to facilitate connection to the AV from the front.

Find attached the instructions for the use of this AV system. If you require the use of the in room mixer then please contact the Music Technology Technician ( as this is specialised equipment that will require technical support and will be subject to availability and scheduling.