Music Technology supplies a range of equipment to Room Bookings that is bookable by all Students and Staff. As with all equipment, please book WELL in advance to avoid disappointment:



  • 2 x Zoom Q3's - with SD Card and Power Supply - these are easy to use audio/video recorders, recording to web ready formats. Ideal for recording rehearsals or performances with video
  • 1 x Zoom Q2n - The newer model of the Q3
  • 1 x Zoom Q4n - A HD Zoom with adjustable mic positions and camera settings.
  • 3 x Projectors + Screens - Projectors with VGA Input leads + Pop up screens, primarily used for larger classes and presentations.
  • 1 x Rode Stereo Mic - a single mix with two capsules for getting an x-y pair recording. Own Laptop/Interface required
  • 4 x Shure PG58 Mics - Best suited for Vocal Amplification, but also useful for Brass and acoustic level boosting. Available with leads, clips and stands.
  • IT Laptops - IT have a number of Dell Laptops that can be booked out from Room Bookings for use with projectors/classes.
  • Adaptors - Room Bookings now has a Mac Thunderbolt to VGA adaptor available to book for use with compatible computers and the in Room TV's/Projectors


To enquire about a booking please contact the Music Technology Technician (