Music Technology has a limited range of AV equipment and facilities available for use by all students. For equipment booking please contact us at least 24 hours prior to desired collection time. Music Technology is a busy department and equipment loans are handled by the only Music Technology Technician (me). In the event I'm offsite or handling tech support elsewhere on site then I won't be available in the office to hand out equipment. As such the best way is to book with me in advance so we can arrange a collection time/location.



  • Zoom H2n - These are multi-positional audio only portable recorders. Fantastic for rehearsal or performance recordings. Usually loaned on a 24 hour basis and available with or without tripod.
  • Zoom Q4n - An easy to use Audio/Video recorder. These are a step up in complexity and video quality to the Zoom Q3's at room bookings. We only currently have two, which eventually be available via room bookings


  • Keyboard Lab (Room 243) - This facility, consisting of 13 iMacs with key Audio/Visual software and weighted electric keyboards, is available to all students during the proctored sessions. Please see the Trinity News e-mails for updates, the room door for current schedule and the "Keyboard Lab Opening Hours" FAQ for details.


To enquire about a booking please contact the Music Technology Technician (